internet dating older men younger women - African american women dating hispanic men

It's about the person underneath that makes all the difference. My niece was dating a very nice young man and he is Indian.

I thought he was the most beautiful thing on two feet.

I know this is a large generalization that promotes thinking based on a stereotype, but my question pertains mainly to attractiveness (physical beauty) of Indian men as perceived by women in USA.

I also know a potential answer can't represent the views of a majority, so I'll scope this to a survey question. Edit: Actual question was "Do women in USA find East Indian men physically attractive? East Indian was possibly a reference to Indian, as opposed to a person from the West Indies (Carribean), or Native American., I'm an American woman, a much older American woman, and I can honestly say that I grew up in an all white community.

For the population of recent African origins, see African immigration to the United States.

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