Advantages of dating an ugly guy Chatblack cam

Aug 4: So I mentioned before that I use a dating website. Its not doctored and not of some random other person on the internet. Aug 5: I made the mistake of admitting to Sandra today that I found the computer guys voice sexy. She looked him up on the personnel directory, which was surprisingly easy to do considering all we knew was his first name. His brown hair was kind of tousled in an endearing sort of way. She looked so excited that I was immediately sorry I told her. In her head, I think she was already planning out the wedding invitations or something. Im standing there pacing for like ten minutes, then Jim shows up. I guess it was fun flirting with a computer guy with a sexy voice. So much for my fantasy of him coming down to fix the computer, then we fall in love and get married. I expected some typical nerdy computer guy, really awkward with thick glasses and probably balding. Well, he did have glasses on, but even behind them, I could see he had really nice blue eyes. No, scary hieroglyphics mean I gotta take a look, Jim said. I honestly felt stupid for being as nervous as I was. I explained to her about my computer and how it died yet again and Jim with the sexy voice was on his way down.

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Go find some moronic bimbo who has always been a moronic bimbo and loves herself to pieces; I'm sure you two will be very happy together.

i'd consider myself one of these "ugly duckling" girls, and coming from someone who would know, i think most girls like this grow up caring more about a person's character and personality rather than their looks.

For those of you who don't know, Ugly Duckling Syndrome is where a really beautiful girl doesn't know she is beautiful because she was an unattrative as a child but blossomed into a beautiful young woman. These "ugly ducklings" are often very nice girls because they were ugly as kids, not the attractive kids who made fun of the ugly ones. She's 18 and definitely a ten with a very nice body that's filled out quite nicely in all the right places.

But she keeps dating these ass ugly weird looking guys.

I dont know why I cared what he called me (and he had amazingly pronounced my name right). I explained to him about the black screen and the hieroglyphics. Jim started explaining a whole thing about sometimes you had to leave it off for a couple of minutes so the hard drive could reset. Im sure Jim with the sexy voice thought I was a total retard. Sandra asked me, because I was just standing there.

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