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The year before, the Supreme Court had ruled against the federal Civil Rights Act of 1875 (which had banned racial discrimination in public accommodations).This verdict supported railroad companies that chose to racially segregate their passengers. The conductor and two men dragged Wells out of the car.

He was very interested in politics and became a member of the Loyal League.

He attended Shaw University in Holly Springs (now Rust College), but he dropped out to help his family.

The sense that he was repeating himself was inescapable, however, and with one-third of the album written by others and two of the originals in French Canadian, it was also obvious that Winchester was straining to come up with material.

Interestingly, the two Russell Smith songs included, "Third Rate Romance" (which Smith sang uncredited) and "The End Is Not in Sight," went on to become Top 40 country hits for Smith's group, the Amazing Rhythm Aces, in the next two years.

Wells was a skilled and persuasive rhetorician and traveled internationally on lecture tours.

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