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Violations of this code comprise attempts to be dishonest or deceptive in the performance of academic work in or out of the classroom, alterations of academic records, alterations of official data on paper or electronic resumes, or unauthorized collaboration with another student or students.Violations include, but are not limited to: When an alleged Infraction occurs in a School/College other than the one in which the student is enrolled, the initial determination of misconduct will be made by the Academic Conduct Committee of the School/College where the alleged infraction occurred, while assessment of penalty will come from the student’s School/College of enrollment, based upon recommendation of the Dean and committee from the School/College where the infraction took place.

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Close to outright and blatant deceit—but more the result, perhaps, of laziness than of bad intent—is the patching together of random jottings made in the course of reading, generally without careful identification of their source, and then woven into the text, so that the result is a mosaic of other people’s ideas and words, the writer’s sole contribution being the cement to hold the pieces together.

Indicative of more effort and, for that reason, somewhat closer to honest, though still dishonest, is the paraphrase, an abbreviated (and often skillfully prepared) restatement of someone else’s analysis or conclusion, without acknowledgment that another person’s text has been the basis of the recapitulation.” [From H. Ohmann, , revised edition, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1963.] The examples given below should distinguish between dishonest and the proper use of source material.

Every School or College shall designate an Assistant or Associate Dean with responsibility for administering the procedures set forth in this Code.

As a general rule, faculty who have reason to believe that a student has violated this Code shall meet with the student, personally or through a designee, inform the student of the suspected violation, and document the student’s response.

This respect for universally recognized ethical values affects the University’s reputation in both the academic and professional communities of which it is a part.

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