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Fitness trackers can be used to whip your relationship into shape, in and out of the bedroom.

Research has shown that couples that exercise together are more likely to stick with fitness programs, and be more satisfied and in love with their partner (from Psychology Today, 2014, study by Aron, Norman, Aron, & Heyman, 2000). Or work up your sweat in the bedroom by comparing calories burned or heart-rates during orgasms.

You can benefit from scheduling many parts of your relationship, from activities as simple as breakfast to those that are a little “naughty.” Scheduled time together has been shown to foster stronger relationships (, 2012, University of Virginia).

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That’s because love is about having, and desire is about wanting” (, 2013).

Building desire can also come from sexing-up normal communication.

Technology makes scheduling easier through sharing online calendars and reminders.

It is a simple way you can reduce the stress of planning, increase anticipation, and remind yourself and your partner that the relationship is a priority.

A sensual photo or compliment will build more sexual tension than, “How’s your day going?

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