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The following figure shows an example for Windows Meeting Space.You can click the View button to expand the invitation. If the invited user accepts the invitation, PNM will launch the requested application, passing all additional data bundled in the invitation to the application.The user receiving the email message must copy the attached contact information out of the message and into their own Windows Address Book.

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People Near Me integrates with the Windows Address Book to provide functions for long-term contact management.

The first time the People Near Me services starts, it creates a “Me” contact in the Windows Address Book identifying the local user. Certificates are useful for verifying identity and establishing encrypted communication channels.

People Near Me can be used to publish more than just names and IP addresses.

People Near Me can also be configured to publish blobs of extended information, such as the user’s interests or personal details. After discovering a nearby person, an application can query that person for all the objects he or she is currently publishing.

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