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In which they will cancel the check or insufficient funds on account and seller will be scammed of a vehicle.

Fraudsters will also pose as buyers and direct seller to click on a link or go to a website to enter vehicle information or post more pictures which can hack their computer, download a virus, or hope the seller has a geotag on their picture in order to steal the vehicle.

According to the FBI, on April 26, 2005 Tom Zeller Jr.

It is very important for foreign importers to verify each company and not send money until fully satisfactied.

Verification of each Japanese company under the "Japan Company Trust Organization" can also be helpful. The second usually comes with request for more information and an attachment from a fake company set up by the scam artist indicating that the "student" has won a part-time scholarship from the company.

If the seller agrees to the transaction, the fraudstser sends the counterfeit cashier's check via express courier (typically from Nigeria).

The victim takes the check to their bank, which makes the funds available immediately.

The victim is instructed to cash the check and also transfer the money to the fraudster account.

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