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The 2011 census for England, Wales and Scotland also included additional White ethnic classifications of White Irish, Gypsy or Irish Traveller and White Other.

The White British census classification have their ages more evenly distributed in their population pyramid and have the highest percent female population of all ethnic-based classifications.

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About 64% percent of the White British classification are between the ages of 16 and 64 while about 19% percent are under 16 and 19% percent are over 64.

All other census classifications have a higher percentage of their population under 16 and a lower percentage over 64.

Based on data published in 2004 derived from the 2001 UK Census, the unemployment rates for White British, at about 4%, were below those for other ethnic groups, including the Indian ethnic group at 7%, and other groups which were around 15%.

The proportion of White British who were self-employed - around 13% - was similar to the level in the Indian (14%) ethnic group, significantly lower than the proportions in the Pakistani (22%) and Chinese (18%) groups, and higher than in the Black Caribbean and Bangladeshi ethnic groups (both 10%), and Black Africans (6%).

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