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So some guy on the Net decides to call me up for a chat.

Someone from Drake University, Iowa, USA (the node DRAKE on BITNET) where it is early afternoon.

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for you it must have 05/02/89 :5 been 20 years 05/02/89 Police interrogation teams will be familiar with this method of "keep asking the same question, ignoring all answers, until he cracks". The next day, I logged in, and was amazed to find out what my machine had been up to in my absence.

Here is the So what's the secret of an effective Turing Test-passer? Hutchens, author of Mega HAL (see 1996 Loebner transcript), has written a document, How to Pass the Turing Test by Cheating.

See if you can work out why this happened: * jesus who let you near me go away 05/02/89 From SOMEONE at DRAKE: i'll never tell 05/02/89 :0 * jesus who let you near me go away 05/02/89 From SOMEONE at DRAKE: [SOMEONE #2] 05/02/89 :2 From SOMEONE at DRAKE: are there two people on your username? From SOMEONE at DRAKE: do you have all these silly sayings on some sort of 05/02/89 :4 control?

05/02/89 * ok thats it im not talking to you any more 05/02/89 From SOMEONE at DRAKE: you sound like a goddamn robot that repeats everything. From SOMEONE at DRAKE: o my he actually typed something.

One of the things that made MGonz successful was the element of surprise.

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