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I’m not currently in love with any partners other than my husband, but I’ve worried I might fall in love with one of them, and that they might not love me back.I tend to develop feelings quickly and intensely, so this has felt like a real risk (worrying about things that haven’t yet happened and may never happen is my superpower).

In particular, I’ve come to realize how one-sided one of my current relationships has been and I think I need to put on the brakes.

I’ve seen warning signs since the beginning that he isn’t as into it as I am, but I blithely ignored the negatives — thanks to the sense-altering buzz of New Relationship Energy (NRE).

Understand, my acceptance of less than ideal communication is not meant to imply acceptance of being treated poorly. But despite popular meme-ology, this doesn't come from a belief that I don’t deserve better.

Which is why those relationships are exactly that — history. They simply aren’t as chatty as I am and they don’t tend to initiate conversations as often as I do.

I was heartbroken and miserable — and I felt incredibly guilty that my husband had to watch me going through that over another guy.

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