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After meeting a new friend in the Main Resort, I noticed quite a few players take their fun to the Fetish Resort, a place for those with darker tastes.This area features locations like, the Bondage Playhouse, 3DSex’s private dance Club, and the Dungeon Pools.Beginning the game, I was initially quite pleased by the small download needed to start playing.

There’s a bunch of spots to meet people, and this is definitely a very different area to the rest.

You couldn’t call yourself a serious sex MMO without catering to the large gay community around the globe.

Sometimes a player’s significant other might believe that they shouldn’t have all the fun, for couples both virtual and real who want to play together, 3DSex has you covered.

The Swingers Resort is as you might expect, a place for couples to go swap themselves amongst each other and share an ‘experience’.

If you want to cut to the chase however, skip Main Resort and come straight here to one of the locations in the Fetish Resort.

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