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When Miraglia mentioned an organization involved in biomimicry–the design and use of systems modeled on biological organisms—Sidhu was more than well-versed in the emerging field.

“He was knee-deep in it, which shows how wide-ranging his interest are,” Miraglia says. I think the only thing that holds him back is the amount of time in a day.”Sidhu came to prominence in Dallas and beyond in the late 1990s with the success of i2 Technologies, the enterprise software company he started in 1988 in his Garland apartment.

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He kicked the ball away long after the referee had blown the whistle.

Wanga Khorommbi scored the fourth with a ground cutter late in the game.

The commission later sued three i2 executives—Sidhu was not one of them—for securities fraud.“I always say, ‘Who God wants to punish, She first gives a lot of success,’” says Sidhu, who sat down for an interview in the conference room of an office suite in Farmers Branch.

The minimally decorated space is home to Sidhu’s second act, called o9 Solutions.

The company grew in just five years from 330 employees to 5,000 while revenues grew more then tenfold in four years, hitting $571 million in 1999. By 2003, Sidhu’s name had disappeared from the Forbes list, and a series of troubles befell i2 headquarters.

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