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That we should let the bankers and the oil companies profit while the planet inevitably burns. And so, that day reminded us of something else, too: Those two weeks in August of 2011, when the peaceful and dignified arrest of 1,253 people over two weeks at President Obama's front door effectively stopped what was considered a virtually guaranteed presidential approval of Keystone XL.

There is still time to convince President Obama to change his mind and reject Keystone XL.

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Original call to action: March 6, 2013: The State Department's release of its Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement in March was one of those days that remind us of just how steep a hill to climb this fight against climate change is.

Even with a president who recently professed a lofty goal of getting all cars off of oil, even with one of our stronger climate hawk senators as the new secretary of state, the State Department still released a joke of an environmental assessment of the Keystone XL pipeline, taking us one big step closer to approval of this project that should be a no-brainer of a rejection.

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