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She never had to pay for hotel because we accepted her like a member of the family."She never gave me a visa."He added: "At first I was happy living with my wife, I cleaned, hovered and did the washing up.

By Guillaume Klein Grombalia, Tunisia - Although Tunisia's tourism industry seems to be going through an unending chill, Mohamed Ben Sheikh is convinced there are good days ahead thanks to the nation's vineyards.

Al-Hadi Yahmad, a researcher on the affairs of Islamic groups, told Al-Hayat: 'The issue of sexual jihad was initially attributed to a Saudi sheikh who denied it, and this fatwa is abnormal and not endorsed by religious scholars.' Under Islamic law, a man can marry and consummate a marriage with his bride, before divorcing her the next day without any resistance from the bride or her family simply by following religious etiquette.

Pretty soon we were speaking online five times a week."She added: "The first thing he told me was that I was beautiful.

He couldn't speak much English, but we used a translation app on his phone."I paid for dinner on the first night, knowing that Mondher didn't earn much working in a local café.

Speaking about falling in love, she said: "I started speaking to Mondher in summer 2012 and we instantly hit it off.

Even over the internet I could feel the chemistry."I hadn't had a relationship for ages, and wasn't looking for love but there was just something about him.

But the instability that followed its 2011 Arab Spring uprising sparked a major crisis, forcing the north African country to rethink its strategy.

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