Sex 13 and up

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Sex 13 and up

Her six-year-old daughter reportedly called the child “dad”.

The paedo teacher briefly went on the run before turning herself in and her sentence was reduced from 30 years after admitting a lesser sexual offence charge.

Total cumulative age of intertwined bodies: 50 years. ’ her dad, a strict blue-collar Roman Catholic, would have said, shaking his head, to my dad, a devout blue-collar Methodist. In general the age at which people first have children has increased quite dramatically over the last thousand or so years.

When I look at the case of Alfie, I am not sure what it is about which people are so outraged, unless it is his parents, who seem fabulously stupid and feckless to an almost heroic level.

’ A confected teen-pap trio called the Arrows, if I remember rightly, emanating from a Dansette, grinding out their only real hit: ‘I wanna touch too much of your sweet sweet loving…’ Well, yes indeed, precisely. She then applied a strip of litmus paper to the tip of every member and if it went green you got expelled, because it meant you’d had illegal sexual intercourse. We’d learned about litmus paper in science class a little earlier that school year — weird stuff. I wonder if there has ever been a time when 13-year-old children, usually from a working-class background but not exclusively so, did not have sexual intercourse.

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