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Tostee denied any wrongdoing."What kind of stupid sloot meets up with a guy, goes into his bedroom then has no intention of doing anything? In his own words, Tostee's behaviour under the influence of alcohol was starting to become dangerous.

A month before the alleged groping incident, a drunken Tostee was involved in a stoush with police after a dispute with a Surfers Paradise tuk-tuk driver over an unpaid fare. In a letter to police in November 2014, he described the driving incident as "the wake-up call I needed"."I am thankful that it happened before something potentially much worse happened."However, by that stage, something much worse had already happened.

Then on July 27, 2014 — less than two weeks before Warriena Wright's death — Tostee led police on a high-speed chase across the Queensland/NSW border after a music festival. Four days after the dangerous driving incident, Brisbane's Supreme Court heard Tostee was on Tinder when he matched with a woman named "Cletus" — the alter ego of New Zealander Warriena Wright. I want to do dirty things to you," Tostee told her.

Discussion on the Misc degenerated as Tostee, egged on by fellow forum users, posted pictures of women he claimed to have slept with.

He posted screenshots of their Tinder conversations and provided Miscers with play-by-play details of his encounters with women, colloquially known on the forum as "sloots"."Young sloots are such headcases," Tostee wrote in one thread. Some labelled Tostee "desperate" when he posted a screenshot of a conversation where a woman had accused him of groping her inappropriately during a date in February 2014.

She agreed to swap numbers before the pair met up on the evening of August 7, days before she was set to return home.

Perhaps it was an odd pairing that would never have eventuated in the offline world — Wright, a petite animal lover and daughter of a church deacon, and Tostee, a laddish man mountain who towered above her. The court heard the pair met near Tostee's place at the Avalon apartments about pm.

The Tinder date and the fatal fall In the space of a few years, Gable Tostee changed from a shy introvert to a self-styled playboy. Look back on one of Queensland's most intriguing cases, which ended with Tostee being acquitted of murder and manslaughter.

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