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Stay away from tech reviews, calculations and sports and you should be fine. So when you do use it, she knows how much you mean it.

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[Read: How to get a girl to like you] Converse about what she likes You may think this is unnecessary. Most guys wonder why they have to talk only about something a girl likes. But at times, especially when you’re trying to make an impression, it’s always better to be aware of what’s going on in a girl’s mind.

Now talking about what a girl likes doesn’t really mean couture, diamonds or cosmetics.

If you want to know how to charm a girl, firstly, it all starts with a conversation. Charming a girl is all about how you communicate with her and make her feel happy and glad.

Use these five tips and you’ll get there even before you know it! Girls do take an active interest in trying to get to know what guys like to talk about too.

The bridge between girls and guys has narrowed down a lot these days.

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