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It is assumed because sex workers are offering sexual services that they have to be oppressed and were forced to do it. I sometimes use the term “intellectual prostitution” for my commissioned work in order to point out the false dilemma between “choice” and “force” - by force I mean the work you have to do in order to make money, even if you don’t want to.

The waiting shattered the myth that sex work is something highly exciting, an idea that seems to be quite wide-spread (judging from the Q & A). K: Yeah, but she made it quite clear that she only wants to discuss the sex work, not the activist work. It’s amazing how personal it would get: people did not hesitate to ask about her nationality, if she is in a relationship, etc., as if that had anything to do with her work. I loved the question whether her work, making the clients satisfied, would lessen the Israeli agression on Palestine. Society never seems to ask this question outside of the sex work sphere.

T: I liked it a lot, including the boredom :) K: I liked it too. We shouldn’t forget that non-white and non-cis people usually are placed even lower in the job market and salary hierarchy.

K: How did you like Liad’s performance at Stara elektrarna? And as sex work is – as far as I know – the only field of job where (white cis) women averagely earn more than (white cis) men, it is, as you said, an important part of tactics of survival.

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