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Pandorabots has no control over the Google voice recognition software, but the results should be comparable to using the Google voice API with any other application.The Chrome voice recognition API may not be enabled by default.

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Nurse chat bot

The Pandorabots platform implements the Loebner contest communications protocol, freeing the botmasters to concentrate on creating original bot content.

The three Pandorabot finalists were among the six we submitted this year.

[This advice applies all web services from the largest to the smallest.

No company, no software, no server is completely safe from catastrophic failures.] We at Pandorabots will certainly be trying even harder to prevent another future catastrophe, but because the service is free, we make no guarantees about backing up or restoring data on our community server.

Pandorabots are used all over the web - enter the string "talk?

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