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With this in mind, be sure to opt out of emails if that’s the path you’re going down.So in short, deactivating your Facebook account is almost worthless. I think it’s pretty obvious by now Facebook doesn’t consider you a customer from a customer service point-of-view.

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Looking to permanently delete your Facebook account? Over the years, Facebook has seen its share of controversy in regards to the privacy of its users.

It’s hard to say what sparked all the excitement: Rapid growth of its service?

It’s Facebook’s deceptive and clever practice of luring you into a false sense of security by making you think you’ve removed your account, personal data and license to your IP (intellectual property) from the service when you haven’t. Facebook is in the data business — more specifically, your data, and it will go to great lengths to keep information including your employment, school history, friends, network, photos, tagged face, etc…

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