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Vicki later switched to working for the station, producing and presenting chat and news style programs.The Box also featured an openly-gay television producer, the flamboyant Lee Whiteman (Paul Karo), and gossipy tea lady Mrs Hopkins (Lois Ramsey).Vicki also kissed Felicity, in Australian TV's first ever lesbian kiss.

Later the medical drama Mercy Flight seemed connected to early Australian series The Flying Doctor (1959).

Other programs produced by the station included children's show "Holliday Farm", chat program "Girl Talk", and period drama "Gully Rider".

The initial episodes of The Box emphasised sex, scandal, the political machinations of station personnel, and featured several nude scenes.

The first episode showed a sexy young woman named Felicity (played by 20-year-old Helen Hemingway) seduce Big Night Out host Gary Burke (Peter Regan).

The program was initially shot in black and white, before switching to colour production in late 1974.

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