Nairobi shagging

They be like “Beb kam kwangu saa nne na dakika forty five. But for the women of Ridgeways, these conditions don’t include CDs.

These conditions include money and a position of power.

He couldn’t help but worry for several weeks, even after getting tested.

Worry, because he had gone against what had been pounded into his head over and over for years: “Wear condoms, or you’re in deep shit.” Eventually, he was super releived to end up clean Shauri Moyo Here, we can all blame it on the beer. They only problem is that there’s no offspring to show for it. Majority of the girls residing here are nuclear waste dumps comprised of some nasty vagina;-dwelling contagions, Ruaraka Estate Here, you’ll find chics that are all sweet and innocent but have a reputation for proffering love without the glove. It starts when you are a teenager and your loving boyfriend suggests you don’t use a condom, because he’ll lose sensitivity.

Yes, women from certain hoods love raw sex, or as my colleague Martin would say, they are ‘Team Skin Skin.’. Word on the streets and observations from the ground proves that CDs are non-essential goods in the hoods I will mention below Let’s get to them Kahawa Wendani Kahawa Wendani chics have mastered the ‘safe days’ time frame.

They even know the exact second when they start and stop being safe. Ridgeways They say for men sex is an emergency, and no matter what we are doing we can be ready in two minutes. They are very exciting, but the conditions have to be exactly right for it to occur .

There are probably more bars than shops in SHauri Moyo. Proof that there’s too much ‘nyama kwa nyama’ lungula in Zimmerman is seen in the high number of illegal abortion clinics. You, being the cool, chilled out kind of girl you’re desperately trying to be, go with it.

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