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in partnership with the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) invites everyone to the p.m.

“This partnership with PETA is also a great way of tapping the arts as a means to educate the public not just with the plight of OFWs but with the struggles of the LGBT community including the stigma on HIV and social limitations,” Love Yourself Executive Director Ronivinn G. Care Divas will be re-staged as PETA’s flagship production for its 50th anniversary.

While the hit-musical will run from 3 February to 19 March, only the p.m. While desperate to make ends meet in another country, they also struggle to search for freedom and acceptance in a foreign land.

The play’s theatrical and wickedly funny text, written by award-winning playwright, Liza Magtoto cradles lovely, gentle moments that mull over the lives of the main characters: the kind and loving Chelsea, the often-sarcastic group leader Shai, the ditsy Thalia, the bubbly Kayla and the ill-tempered Jonee. I never thought that I will entertain him but I REALLY DON’T KNOW why I did this time.

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