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She has done her Bachelors from NMKRV College for Women. Read more I am working as lead - Technology in one of the reputed multinational firm in Bangalore.

Worked in Ministry of Interior (Defense) Qatar as an Architect for 2 Year, Before this i was working with So... Then my fiance(Roshan) was a subscribed diamond premium member.

Some of them allow your surfers to search the WWW using the popular search engines on the web, others perform internal site search (searching within your own site).

Read more Hi, We are originally from a small town near Mysore, Karnataka, born and brought up in Mumbai.

I enjoy going on holidays even now and again too and feel that I have a good balance between work and enjoying life. Read more I am a very loving & affectionate person with energy & enthusiasm. I am a trained Odissi Dancer, Trained in Hindustani classical Music and was a Good athlete in sc...

Rippling image An applet that takes in any image and makes it ripple.

Flying Stars A applet that gives any image a "flying stars" background. Wavy Lake An applet that causes a lake image to come "alive". Fading Banner A applet that fades the text entered. Text fading in and out Sentences of text fading in and out.

You can add your own image on top of the lake to act as a hyperlinked image. Java analog Clock with Date A Java analog clock with an incredible interface. Easily customizable to change the text to your own. Screaming button A button that screams when you click on it!

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