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Real life things may be against them being together physically but that doesn't make any difference to them, they serve their Owner well.

A true submissive serves from the heart, they don't need an Owner driving them to do something, they do it willingly, gladly, eagerly.

then when they go to another room or another name they're saying the same things to Another.

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They enter a room and the first thing they type is that they're submissive looking for a Master/Mistress and they'll do any thing..

oh and they have a camera to prove how submissive they are You see them in chat with their Owner's names on theirs, they serve that Owner with all the love in their heart holding back nothing, giving every part of themselves to that special One as if they were together face to face.

There's not a thing wrong with that as far as it goes and as long as they go into a real time situation with their eyes wide open aware of the dangers that could be waiting for them.

As long as they sit down and discuss their limits and the "Dominant" partner agree's to those limits and abides by them they should be safe enough.

They see their Owner's glass half empty and they fill it, they take care of their Owner's needs sometimes before the Owner realizes what it is They want.

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