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At least one state is actually encouraging their use.The New Jersey Office of the Attorney General provides free surveillance cameras for up to 30 days to anyone who suspects in-home abuse The work group, which included state health officials, elder care advocates and industry representatives, failed to reach a consensus on the issue of requiring notice to the facilities. Holstein cows wait to be milked in the fields across the road.

Families and elder care advocates have strongly opposed mandating notification, arguing that cameras are typically used as a last resort when all other attempts at communicating concerns about maltreatment have failed.

“Do we as a state really want to say that we would elevate the right to privacy over suspected maltreatment?

A video camera records the daily activities in the common room of the Southland Suites assisted living community Friday, March 16, 2001, in Lake City, Fla.

A 17-member work group was asked to advise the Minnesota Legislature on ways to regulate the growing use of hidden cameras and other electronic surveillance equipment in senior care facilities.

In Illinois, for instance, a nursing home resident must consent to the use of a camera before it can be installed and must notify the facility of intent to use electronic monitoring.

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