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) is a policeman in Ashford and had shown her some paperwork that was supposed to prove that Dave and Ian Tucker were grasses.

The fact that the paperwork was made public and discredited on the evidence of Ian Tucker in the Austin Warnes case seems to have been ignored here. But the biggest load of hogwash is that Jenny is apparently still going around adamantly denying that she has ever been with a woman!

- Dave has been told to report to the police station today at noon with his solicitor.

We are expecting him to be arrested at that point on the basis that Jen has said that he has tried to pervert the course of justice.

She added a most fantastic piece of fiction: that Dave had set fire to his own house to burn evidence of being an informant. So much so that he has now decided that neither Jen nor any member of her family is to get a penny from the film "Hell to Pay". Jen is reported as saying that the only way her and Angela's relationship is ever going to work out for them now is for them to grab as much cash as they can and leave the country. He said the police were not prepared to phone Jenny (and tape the conversation), although he felt sure that she would drop drop herself right in it.

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