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As the name suggests, the mechanism enables easy (for example, using XCOPY) deployment of COM components to a machine without the need to register them.On the target platforms, one of the stages of initializing a process and its dependent modules is to load any associated manifest files into a memory structure called an activation context.An assembly manifest file is named for the assembly, and an application manifest file is named for the application.

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NET 2003 Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Download the sample that accompanies this article, MSDNReg Free

Introduction Registration-Free COM Terminology Running the Sample Building the Visual C COM Server Building the C /.

NET Client Registration-Free Activation The Visual Basic 6.0 COM Server and Client Incompatible Apartments Using the Activation Context API Troubleshooting Conclusion Further Reading Registration-free COM is a mechanism available on the Microsoft Windows XP (SP2 for .

NET-based components) and Microsoft Windows Server 2003 platforms.

The sets of clients and servers are organized as they are in this walkthrough in the interest of presenting code that works as-is.

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