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How many times have you heard that when it comes to meeting someone, "Don't think about it! Everyone is different - they have different needs, wants, and desires.

Sometimes you need to express those needs, wants and desires through confrontation.

We are going to talk about the top five dating pitfalls. Do you roll over and give up for the rest of your days? After you take the necessary time to heal and put yourself back to...

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Joining the show is the #1 Cougar Expert in the world!

Lucia has been featured on over 100 radio and TV shoes including Dr.

Tune in to learn about the top mistakes singles make when dating, Are you a good girl? Welcome to the show Kim Shannon, a speaker, author and founder of Good Girls Anonymous - a compleme...

Dating can be tricky sometimes, but figuring out whether you should take that next step can be even trickier! Scott Carroll - a psychiatrist and founder of the site To that end we are always looking to figure out who we are, so that we can then determine who we (should) want!

Shouldn’t it be fun and exciting instead of feeling like scaling Mt. Enter Rachel De Alto, flirting and relationship expert.

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