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Read More When you’re dating a narcissist, you’ll never come first.His ego will always get in the way and you’ll be lucky to come second.Here are the biggest signs that can help you see that he’s not really that great. Read More Respect is part of the foundation of any healthy relationship, and you won’t really get it from a man who thinks equal rights have been truly achieved and feminism is just a fad for man-haters.

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Telling someone you’re not interested should be enough, but unfortunately most men have been conditioned to think that the more they try, the higher the chances you’ll say yes. When you spend most of your time at work, it’s tempting to use your workplace as a dating pool, but it can also lead to plenty of problems.

Office romances can get complicated and they can also have negative effects on your career. Read More There are many benefits to dating different kinds of men, from a better perspective on a potential relationship to experiencing new things.

No matter what the common issue is with all your failed relationships, here’s what you nee...

Read More Finding the perfect guy can be more difficult when you’re shy, particularly if you decide that you won’t take the direct approach with someone you like.

Asking him out if your really like him is definitely an option, but you can also make things easier for him if you know what the problem is.

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