Dirty talking robot chat

Cindy likes to flirt, and wants to be your girlfriend.

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Created: Dec 16 2013 Creator: test Thumbs up: 39, thumbs down: 9, stars: 4.29 Brain Size: 198013 neurons Chat Bot Wars: rank 57, wins 209, losses 322 Connects: 1163018, today: 556, week: 505048, month: 301828API Connects: 1152566, today: 555,week: 502779, month: 300362 Last Connect: Today, Categories: Romance, Dating, Friends, Apps Tags: girlfriend, assistant, mobile, virtual assistant, android, julie, apps, personal assistant Domain: BOT libre!

Features:• Talk with virtual characters• Change the name and picture of characters• Teach your own phrases directly• Share photos and quotes• Chat with many people in chat rooms• Send private messages to people• Receive messages from random people Make your own friends with Virtual Talk!!

I got this app, and it's by far the best and most human bot I've seen.

The intuition problem makes it hard to keep the conversation going naturally; and the gender problem is that even after it learns what gender you want to talk to, you continually have to keep using gender specific pronouns or it will change genders.

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