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Some demons stated that he could even be a major threat to Zennon.

In a few short instances, Devilman shows different powers that fit certain situations.

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After his first transformation into Devilman, his build changes from average to more athletic, and black markings form under his eyes as a result of Amon's influence.

He is often seen dressed in his school uniform but also wears a black long sleeve shirt, pants, and shoes in other situations.

As Devilman, his hair changes into small black bat wings on each side of his head.

His forehead extending to his crown turns red, and grows a pair of antennae.

There are two artists known as Devilman:1) Group from London/Berlin consisting of Shigeru Ishihara (Bass), Gorgonn (Electronics/ Dubwise) and Taigen Kawabe (Voice) on Small But Hard Records2) Grime dnb mix MC from Birmingham is also known as D.

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