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We also have the ability to review ALL forum transcripts, including private rooms and private messages even without room monitor's present, in the event that the matter warrants it.

If one seeks to argue about specific Religious topics, there are LOTS of other Chat Rooms that have other likeminded souls that are more than willing to waste the day arguing the finer points of the LETTER of God's Word. Once again your business however any one doing or speaking of doing illegal drugs on voice/video chat will be banned from the site.

Thank you for visiting Jesusrocksonirc Free Christian Chat rooms provided for teens, singles, 20 , everyone.

Links and or videos/images that glorify violence, sexual promiscuity, racism, satanic material and/or any other material that denies Jesus Christ as the Son of God or mocks the faith of believing in Him will not be allowed.

We understand that many who are not believers in Christ are here and are more than welcome yet we cannot allow anti-Christian material being displayed on this Ministry's site.

Consider surfing with your children and make it a fun experience for them.

This will be a constructive way to spend more time with your children.

Jesusrocksonirc has been providing free christian chat with no registration required since 2005.

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