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When you’re in Qatar, managing your international finances could prove to be tricky if you shoulder the burden entirely yourself, so for this reason it’s advised that you find an Independent Financial Adviser.An IFA will be able to help you plan your finances, both for the present and for the future, and they will be able to give you more information on how you can utilise QROP Schemes and other financial products.

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To complete this procedure you will have to undergo medical examinations, take a blood test and also offer a finger-print sample.

It is likely that your new employers will have a department that assists expats with these procedures to ensure a smooth transition for their new employers.

This permit will only be issued if you have been offered a job in Qatar by an employer, or sponsor.

Your sponsor will then obtain the residency permit for you.

Most of the westerners who travel to Qatar for work are usually employed under the proviso that they have specialist skills that are not found amongst the Qatar natives, you will not be able to travel to Qatar with the intention of finding work, you must secure the job first.

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