Chat reunion userplane

“The problem with chat is you need to get critical mass …

boards solves this problem because when people join they can see the full history of the conversation …

For example, let’s say you’re in an active message board discussing the Olympics.

In a traditional message board, by the time you finish typing your post, a dozen other people may have already posted similar ideas, making your post repetitive and creating all sorts of noise on the board.

Userplane powers chat experiences for many of the top 25 dating sites and language learning sites.

Userplane announced on their blog that they will be shutting down on Aug. Userplane was founded in 2001 by Mike Jones, Nate Thelen, and Javier Hall.

Why is Userplane getting into message boards now, when the format has seemingly been supplanted by other forms of online community?

Last modified 23-Jul-2018 18:21