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Marshall, unshaven, and dressed in a grey sweatshirt, listened stony-faced to his translator behind a caged section of the courtroom in Frosinone, 75 km southeast of Rome. Prosecutors say that less than three weeks after the murder of Mr Iale, on February 21, Marshall met another man, Umberto Gismondi, 55, again through a gay internet site, whom he attacked at the victim’s home in the Casal Morena district of Rome.

Marshall is said to have fled after the victim’s screams caused neighbours to call the police.

A known MI5 impersonator from Greenwich went on trial in Italy today accusing of brutally murdering a man he met in a gay chat room, and assaulting a second man in similar circumstances.

Jason Peter Marshall, 26, a diagnosed psychotic with several convictions for assault and impersonating police officers, is charged with stabbing and strangling the 68-year-old retired Italian tour guide, Vincenzo Iale, on 2 February 2013.

Police captured him a day later, in the suburbs of Rome by tracing his mobile phone signal. You promised me it would be over in one or two weeks. ” A security guard approached him and told him to be quiet.

Towards the end of today’s hearing, as judges deliberated over the dates of the next court sessions, Marshall, evidently irritated that hearings would continue over a period of months, aimed an outburst at the bench.“It’s against European law,” he said. Marshall, who has told psychiatrists that he is an incarnation of the Archangel Gabriel, then shouted: “You can’t judge me, only God can judge me.”His court-appointed defence lawyer Francesco Bruschini said afterwards that the time being taken to try Marshall was not in breach of EU law.

When the victim refused to believe this, prosecutors say, Marshall "flew into a violent rage”, punching the 55-year-old and attempting to smother him.

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