Chat avatarsex

For instance, a call to ll Owner Say ("@detach=n") sends the detach command with parameter n to the viewer on behalf of the object running the script.

The syntax of a message is: Note that there is only one '@' sign, placed at the beginning of the message.

These messages are mostly calls to the ll Owner Say() LSL function.

The Restrained Love viewer intercepts every ll Owner Say message sent to the viewer.

However, it is an error to put the '@' in front of each command within a multi-command message, and the subsequent commands will fail. Many of these commands determine the subsequent behaviour of the object or avatar.

Historical Note: Prior to Version 1.10, RLV only allowed one command per message. For example, the @detach=n command locks the given object, making it undetachable.

This document contains the specification for Restrained Love viewer itself.

Last modified 18-Oct-2018 19:28