Chat and mic sex

Chat and mic sex-40

Why do we feel ashamed to explore our own bodies, and actually feel really, really great in the process?

Moreover, why are we afraid to admit that we masturbate?

I’m coming out of this position, because I’ve realized that I’m only contributing to this suppression of my sexual expression by being silent, guilt-ridden, and shamefaced. Let’s shock those oh-so-sexually liberated men, and admit, proudly and confidently, that we don’t need another person to feel good about our bodies.

Let’s admit that we’re strong enough, brave enough, and confident enough to not fear a taboo that works against us.

” They knew from the start that we’d say no, because, well, girls just don’t masturbate. None of my girlfriends talked about it, and everyone made it seem like girls didn’t masturbate. Some of us have been doing this since our preteen years, while others take longer to get the hang of it.

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