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Yet despite being a Caribbean paradise, many Americans have never heard of the island. The country’s so new that the money in Curaçao still reads “Netherlands Antilles,” a country that no longer exists.

Even at Jet Blue, the only airline to offer direct flights from JFK to Curaçao, ticket agents sometime mispronounce its name as “cure-a-ko.” (It’s actually “cure-a-sow.”) Like its more well-known neighbor Aruba, Curaçao was once part of the Netherlands Antillies, a group of islands ruled by Holland. Though the Dutch are no longer technically in charge, they’re still a big part of life on Curaçao because it was a Dutch colony for nearly 400 years.

“I’ve been working here 10 years and only remember one day in all that time when we had to cancel for bad weather,” says Zyta de Koeijer, a manager at Ocean Encounters Diving, one of the premier dive shops on the island.

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That’s because Curaçao lies just outside the Hurricane Belt.

That doesn’t mean a hurricane here is impossible, but it’s far more rare for one to hit here than on other Caribbean islands.

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