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The cast and crew of Arrow are keeping things pretty close to the vest when it comes to the show's fifth season.

We know that this new season will revolve around Oliver Queen's efforts to rebuild his fractured team and deal with a mysterious threat tied to his past.

), relive the pulse-elevating trailer here: Whilst these lizards do not match up to the height and length of a T-Rex, which comes to around 13 feet long and 40 feet tall respectively, these ancient dragons do have a menacing bite, which secretes a deadly venom teeming with over 50 strains of bacteria.

Those bitten usually die of blood poisoning within 24 hours, after being stalked for miles by a patient dragon calmly waiting for the demise of its prey.

That's probably why the villain targeted one of the members of Ollie's new anti-crime task force at the end of "Legacy." If Prometheus truly is the dark opposite of Green Arrow, he may feel compelled to counteract every heroic act Ollie performs as mayor and vigilante. It may be that Prometheus is a fresh face to the show and the past ties between Ollie and Prometheus will be revealed during the course of the flashbacks this season.

But it could turn out that Prometheus is a villain we've already met before.

That tech has allowed Prometheus to take on not just the Dark Knight, but the entire Justice League.

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