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No need to go out of your way to visit multiple homepages or to scroll through hours worth of Twitter feed frenzy to find something you might actually want to click on.

So the premise is neat and we as an industry are clearly excited about it, but what’s the experience actually like for news consumers? This app started as a chat platform that has expanded with bots and games that users can chat with, as well as open-sourced tools for developers to build on these experiences within the app.

Are news delivery bots as super awesome for the average mobile user as we think they are, or is it too early in the game for these products to be truly useful? Apparently, Carly (following CNN): I refused to install Messenger for the longest time but was finally forced to because I have certain friends (names omitted to protect the guilty) who refuse to communicate any other way.

I love that I can chat CNN one word — “UCLA” — and three recent stories come up. If I’m interested in a story, I’ll click it and just read the first few graphs. John (following Wall Street Journal): I feel like the familiarity of FB messenger is sort of the saving grace.

I like the “Top Stories” feature — CNN does a good job of including variety of news. It certainly appears to be the most user-friendly/rich experience…but not all of the options seem to quite be working yet.

Since the site is Canadian-based, however, I was able to get notifications on Canadian Football League teams along with Major League Soccer. Here’s the thing for pro sports — make sure to play with the notifications.

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