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One time Mohammad was going on a raid and he took Aisha with him.

They were in a caravan going along in the desert and she has to use a toilet, so she slips quietly off the camel without telling anybody (there was a canopy over her, so nobody saw her disappear).

The women in Islamic states are VERY AFRAID of Sharia law, because most of Sharia law (written by men) deals with the subjugation and punishment of their women, i.e., Sharia law gives the Muslim men the means to punish their women even if they are innocent.

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He claims that the best wife is always 15 years old.

Mohammad had numerous wives, but the Qur’an and Sharia law permit Muslim men to have four wives at any one time, so the man who claimed to have had 56 wives had divorced numerous wives.

for wearing white, why do all the women in Saudi Arabia wear black? In fact Arab women love color, but are afraid to wear a color or white in public, for fear of being noticed by the Why black?

Black is not even a color: Black is the absence of color.

I say “their women” because the women are in fact treated as a man’s property — to do with as the men please.

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