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Occasionally a married man/woman may flirt with certain people like a close pal or second cousin who they are familiar with, in full view of his/her spouse. They know it is in jest, or maybe just the mood of the moment.

Maybe one of them has had a drink or two extra and is in an extravagant mood. For many married individuals who flirt, it is just a pastime.

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A man flirts with a woman to make her sit up and take notice, attract her, ask her out on a date.

A woman flirts with a man to draw his attention and have a good time.

Admire and appreciate her, because if you don’t, someone else will.

And she may be so happy with the attention she never gets from you, that the next time you look, she may not still be around to appreciate.

But there are many who also consider it unfair to the other partner and that flirting for married couples should be strictly off limits. When would it be considered wrong for a married man/woman to flirt?

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